Independence Day – Scale Model Photoshoot

I been collecting scale model cars for over a decade now and have considerable experience in toy photography as well. I love bright coloured cars as opposed to subtle shades in my photoshoot… Independence Day ride with three cars is turning out to be my new favourite and this year I tried something new, which excites me a lot.

Independence Day Ride

Yeah the cars are all brand new, from my year collection! But that’s not the main reason for my excitement… Yeah my regular followers would have guessed it by now… yeah it’s the location! These shots are not done outdoors but in my make shift diorama setup. Actually I was so busy with day job so couldn’t find time to shoot, so explored this new setup and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Independence Day Ride - McLaren F1 GTR - Solido

Yeah that garage backdrop added some excitement to the otherwise boring boardroom background. Coming to the cars… I picked these cars not just because of its paint shade but also for its underlying qualities. The saffron color in our tricolour flag stands for “strength and courage of the country” and there is no better car that shouts these qualities than McLaren F1 GTR. McLaren F1 is one of the first cars to challenge Ferrari on outright performance and succeeded too. Design wise its a masterpiece and still my favourite hypercar.

Independence Day Ride - Lamborghini Countach - Maisto

The color white is always associated with peace and there is no better car than this Lamborghini Contach LP800-LP (though not the original but this reincarnation is a good alternative) that brought in peace to its founder, who took the mamuth tasking of making a hypercar brand from ground up. He also stood truthful to his loyal customer to date delivering promises without any compromises. So I decided that this white Lamborghini is the best car to symbolise “peace and truth” in our flag.

Independence Day Ride - Porsche RWB - Solido

Let me be frank… You don’t find that many car in the shade of green! So I been using Lamborghini Huracan for last few photo session but that has to change as its getting a little too preductitabe and I am not enjoying it much. So last year I picked this Porsche “RWB Pandora One” by Solido and I am loving it. And this RWB Pandora One is one of the best fit to show growth and fertility as RWB is all about custom car tuning and its client-base supports that to the core. So I don’t see a better car in this shade of green to depict “fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land” that the last band stands for.

Independence Day Ride

This is one of the first yet satisfactory photoshoot on this particular theme. I have to make quite a lot of changes to shooting as the space is not at premium so as the light source (I prefer day light) but I always feel “tougher situation brings out the best in you”. I was not totally convinced that this is the best I can do but not even a bit upset about the output. If I have to make some changes I would just change angles and use my wide-angle lens to get rid of that DOF. Overall I had fun doing this photoshoot, hope you enjoyed it too. Happy Independence Day… Jai Hind.

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