My Favourites Matchbox Moving Parts from 2023 Release

Matchbox is back in Indian soil this year after almost 3 years of absence and we collectors are super excited! First came in the Jurassic World Dominion series car and trucks then the basic series and finally to our surprise the Moving Parts! Though very few cases made it to our stores (exclusive to Hamleys India), we had fun hunting for those special chase cars! But I dint find any chase cars yet! But I had picked a good 9 MBX Moving Parts and almost all of them are cool and here is a special list favourites of this set.These are not in any order and are solely my favourites that I managed to pick this year! I guess we got 3 cases this year so here we go…

Matchbox Moving Parts - Jeep Galdiator

First up is a Jeep Galidator (10/54) in red with opening hood, which I guess is a part of Mix-6. I love Jeep that has decent details and this has awesome details and great stance! I love its red paint finish, gold wheels and trunk details. But I absolutely hate the opening hood as it makes this look more like a toy as that adds extra panel gap! Overall a decent Jeep and a must have!

Matchbox Moving Parts - Dodge Ram Rebel

2020 Dodge Ram Rebel (46/54) is our next entry into my favourites list and this again is a beauty in white. This also gets a opening hood but the panel gaps once closed doesn’t looks so bad in this Dodge truck! This truck gets lot of fine details and the headlamps and taillamp gets special mentioning!

Matchbox Moving Parts - Toyota FJ Cruiser

Next up is my favourite SUV in the world till few years back… the Toyota FJ Cruiser (30/54) in red with opening doors and beautiful detailings! I would have love this Toyota more if this was in that popular blue with white top but this is ok and I am planning to paint the roof white and see how it works!

Matchbox Moving Parts - Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco (33/54) is one of my hearts choice as I love Ford Bronco, which also happened to be my favourite in the world of off-roaders! This shade of blue is a color that kind of love and kind of hate as the metallic finish is not for everyone’s taste! This also gets gold wheels and decals all around! I may also do some mods to this as well but what is not decided yet!

Matchbox Moving Parts - Bolliger B2

Bolliger B2 (4/54) is something that every collector is talking about and in toy polls it is even winning the Matchbox of the year 2023! But for me it is a decent cast with good level of detailings and opening parts that are nice. This gets two opening part that is the hood and trunk, which is nice! This came in towards the end in Mix-8 so not many collectors managed to get this but I was lucky to get not one but two.

Matchbox Moving Parts - Jeep FC

Jeep FC (35/54) is by far my favourite from this year and the one with largest opening feature to date I guess! Yeah this Jeep FC comes with a working tipper and spare on it! This is a 70 Years Special Edition truck so comes in that unique silver body and orange yellow stripes running all over the body! This being a special edition Jeep, I managed to find only one in pegs! Though this year dint work the best for MBX collectors, it wasn’t that bad is what I could say! Hoping next year would be better and stepping in to 2024… Happy New Year!

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