Black Friday Deals 2017: Best Bargain on Diecast Scale Model Cars

Holiday shopping season begins in the United States with the Thanksgiving weekend and millions of deal seeking shoppers rush into their favorite malls and store to pick that product that have been eyeing for so long! The story is not special in our diecast collectors as well. So we head out to the cyberspace to find what is happening around and what are the deals that these vendor are offering to capitalize the Black Friday rush. We here are listing out a set of online retailer who has the best deal on diecast models. Lets begin.

CK-Modelcars (flat 15% discount)
Online retailer who operates out of Germany is offering a flat 15% of all of its stock. This is a great news as the collection that they have caters to every scale model collectors, they have car ranging from 1:8 all the way to 1:64. They also have bikes, figurines and diorama accessories so this discount is pretty nice. All the best and rush as this is only till today end and the counter is ticking. Here is my favorite from the lot… The regular price for this beautiful 1:18 “Bentley Continental GT3-R year 2015” by Almost Real was 169.95€ but the 15% discount got the price down to 144.46€, which includes 19% VAT.

Mint Models (15% discount on in-stock models via coupon)
Mint Models is an online retailer working out of the United States shore and they are offering 15% discount on all model in stock. The discount is applied on to your purchase on checkout using a coupon code “MM15” This again is a one day said code so hurry. They do have some sexy models and the shipping should also be ok if you are in the US. They have lot of good model and I personally liked the AUTOart made 2016 Corvette C7R in glossy black, which retails for $198.00 before the discount.

2016 Corvette C7.R in Glossy Black Model in 1:18 Scale by AUTOart

Art Craft Model (flat 15% discount)
Another German online diecast retailer who is know for some exclusive model in most scale is also offering 15% flat discount on it entire selection. The good thing with Art Craft Model is that the collection bit more extensive and the exclusive model makes them the place to be if you favorite model sits there. This Beautiful 1977 Metallic Brown Porsche 911 (930) Turbo was found in their exclusive section, this 1:18 Minichamps comes to you at 249.95€ other days but today it costs 212.46€ thanks to the sale! This got my attention due to the fact that it is a limited edition model and also its beautiful brown shade.


CarModel (15% discount) operates out of Italy and their collection is vast as the other two germans mentioned and the discount is also at 15% making them on par with the other. But the catch here is that the discount is for three days! Yes the sale starts today 24th November and goes all the way to 26th November which gives us some time to decide. There are certain items that are not covered in this promotion namely the coming soon its and special offer items. Of all the cars in stock I found this Kyosho Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition 2008 interesting.

Kyosho Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition 2008

Diecast Models Wholesale (flat 10% discount via coupon)
If you live in the US and want bit more time to react then Diecast Models Wholesale is your best bet! Why because they are offering a coupon base sale for bit more time. As the promotion sates the sale could go all the way uptown end of November! Because the promotion says its cyber month coupon! A 10% can be availed on all the items they have and user have to use a coupon code “CYBERMONDAY” while checking out. They also have a flat $9.95 shipping to 48 USA continental states. Of their collection I like this Greenlight made 1:18 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 “Gulf” Oil #08 for its paint finish. It come to you at $49.99 even before the discount coupon is applied! Isn’t a steal!

2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 "Gulf" Oil #08 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Greenlight

Apart from these diecast retailers there are other online giant like Amazon, Aliexpress and more offering deals in some form. All the best for your shopping and happy holidays. Do let us know what did you buy and at what deal! Till next time, Ciao.

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