Diecast Year 2017 – Cars

You all know from the title that this is going to be a diecast car updated for the past year 2017! You are right! I actually have to split the diecast collection update into three because of the numbers! Yes this is one of the wonderful year both in terms of number as well as brands! Thanks to a business visit for Saudi Arabia and introduction of “Toys R Us” store into India! This year I got fourteen 1:18 scale models and few 1:24 and 1:43 scale model apart from 1:64 scale model. The situation is same as the bike in cars as well… I have more in box than loose! But these will change next year so a heads up!

Maisto Hummer H2 SUT

First diecast model to enter my collection is a Hummer H2 SUT made by Maisto, this was in my wishlist for a very long time since I first saw this in an Auto Magazine! I picked this from a retailer in Khobar, KSA who also has an array of RC spares and art-craft items. I did an unboxing right from my hotel room check it out here.

Jada Lykn Hypersport

Last year I got myself a Nissan GT-R (unboxing here) from Toys R Us Khobar and even at that time I was looking for a Lykan Hypersport as its also available in US and European Markets but I wasn’t lucky then! But this year the luck factor worked for me I got this beauty! Look at the unboxing post here.

Lamborghini Estoque

I am not a big fan of family sedans but how could you resist if it carries Lamborghini badge! And I being a Lamborghini fanatic would want to get my hands around every 1:18 Lamborghini variant finally got a Lamborghini Estoque this year! It is made by Motormax so quality is not great but definitely livable! Click here if you want to read about my unboxing experience of this beauty.

Jada Brians Toyota Supra

And finally the last 1:18 to gets its freedom this year is this legendary Toyota Supra driven by Brian in the movie Furious 7. This 1:18 scale model is made by Jada, which makes it the third Jada and also the third “Fast and Furious” Movie car! If you are interested click here for my unboxing coverage.

Diecast Year - Kyosho

I got myself two Kyosho from ModelArt Bangalore in 1:18 scale. These two models are part of OUSIA series that are basically sealed models so not opening doors etc. But without those opening parts they looks super realistic! Of these two I love the Lamborghini Veneno because I love Lambo more! But this Range Rover Sport SVR come super close.

Diecast Year - GTS and Soul

I got two more sealed model by Soul Models and GT Spirit which makes two new brand that got added to my collection ledger. The Ariel Atom V8 is a looker and a track focused car, on the other hand GT Spirit made Mercedes-Benz G-Class G500 4×4² is a full on off roader in white! Where else both the Merc and Ariel came in via import route.

Diecast Year - Paragon

I am a big time BMW M series lover, this yet got me an other M series… Its a Paragon made M4 in coupe form factor , which got me smile even when writing this post! The other model inside that fully covered box by Maisto is blue Ford GT 2017, I had an option of taking either a yellow GT in regular Special Edition or in this Exclusive series and I took the exclusive without second thought. This is something that you may see unboxing soon.

Diecast Year - Bburago

You all know my Ferrari collection is not as big as my Lamborghini and that all are going to change in some time I guess! I am going nuts for those red monsters and only the regular Race and Play series does justices to the brand in terms of color! So this year I added two red beauty to my collection namely the all red Ferrari La Ferrari, which was recently released and the Ferrari California T (Open Top) come in after some thought about the Signature series!

Diecast Year - Maisto

Finally the two 1:18 scale Maisto that is not yet available in Indian store… So I picked them in KSA and brought it with me when I returned from my business trip. I picked them both from Toys R Us, Khobar! This brick red Jeep Wrangler was the most sorted model as I already have a red Wrangle with covered top and I wanted to wrap the pieces together. The other Maisto Camaro is also a rare find but the Fifth Anniversary Camaro was here by the time I landed home. And I call this Fifth Anniversary Camaro was the biggest miss as I don’t see a need add this because of this regular Camaro, but who know I may add that later… may be in 2018. So I should leave by saying “Happy New Year” and have a wonderful year filled with hell a lot of diecast dreams and achievements.

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