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Italian motorcycle brand Ducati manufactured Multistrada 1200 since 2010. The word Multistrada in Italian means “many roads” as the bike is designed to handle asphalt as well as some unpaved surfaces. Essentially the bike is a hybrid of a supermoto and a sport touring motorcycle. This Multistrada 1200 is available in S and standard model featuring a 1,200 cc liquid-cooled engine from the Ducati 1198 sportbike, throttle by wire, selectable engine mapping and traction control. S models also include ABS, electronically adjustable suspension, carbon fiber air intakes, heated grips, hard luggage and a center stand.

This 1:12 diecast scale model is made by Maisto… I picked up this model in red but it is also available in white and black!! The body work is good, paint and finish is fantastic so as the plastic bits that are done to replicate the carbon fiber parts. The scaling seems to be ok but the cost cutting measures are evident in the rear foot peg area that looks kind of smudged plastic flow.

The trellis frame also looks a little off scale but thats not a big deal as this is an issue which I happen to see even in brands like AUTOart, Minichamps etc.! The gold plating on the front forks looks a little too much so as the chrome plated brake discs! Whats comes as a relief is the alloy wheels which is clean and detailed!! The tyre pattern is also decent thanks to the depth!

As all budget branded models this bike also has a does away with some simple (infact super simple) optics for the head lamps and tail lamp.. Turn indicators being clear looks cheesy and makes this whole model very toyish!! The front fender is nice but some paint smudge in fewer models, which includes mine too. The rear look decent when compared with the front!

This bike comes with very few decals (infact no decals) except the model and brand! They are very decent for a budget model but not the best! The instrument is blank, showing the switched off type display but would have created more pep if some display is printed on it..

Also checkout my 360 video of this model that puts some more perception, which I would have missed or skipped! Though the video is a bit choppy, I will promise a professional quality video in some time.

Now its the verdict time… Thought the model show more defects, I would rate it at over 4 starts! Because it is just a budget model and the manufacture(Maisto) is doing his best to keep the price on par and creates excitement for the collectors. VFM score is an other reason working for this model. If you love Ducati and Multistrada then go ahead and get your self one of these, you will not regret!

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