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The redesigned 2010 Ford Mustang’s exterior is an evolution of 2005–2009 Mustang, being sculpted for a leaner, more muscular appearance and better aerodynamic. Specific changes to the exterior include a restyled Mustang emblem, a new headlight design with integrated turn signals, a prominent power dome hood to complement the car’s muscular exterior and revised three-lens taillights with LEDs that blink in sequence for turn indication and more. The 2010 Mustang GT uses smaller fog lights though they are still mounted in the car’s grille. The 2010 Mustang continues to be equipped with a standard 4 liter V6 mated to an 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 5-speed automatic.

American muscle cars always take top honor among the vintage car collector and also the scale model collectors like us. Modern muscle car sport better exterior and detailed interiors making it an ideal choice for diecast collectors and the Mustang is an exceptional name in that history book. Maisto gets a big thanks from the budget concern collector for making this 2010 Mastang GT Convertible. This 1:18 scale packs a lot of details (for a budget model) and it is sturdy enough to be man handled, let talk about them piece by piece.

The body work is awesome and the paint finish is exceptional. The car show up and cheats most eye for an AA if photographed from certain angles (especially the front ¾ from the right side) and from a distance. Getting closer to the model reveals the true identity of a budget model (i.e. excess gaps and misaligned body parts being the culprit). The front grill is done well and the fog lamps are neatly integrated in it. The head lamp is also cool with nice LED indicators built-in but is misaligned. The hood shut line is awkward and kills the otherwise superb front stance.

Profile of this muscular machine is well scaled down and each and every curve is done perfectly. It is this angle where you get to see very less gaps almost none, so if placed in this position in your show case this will get no complaints but appreciation. The Windshield is a master piece which gets high score from me so as the alloy wheels and the tires, typical Maisto quality. Fully functional suspension intresting addition but hampers the alignment.

The doors are nice and the opening action is smooth. They are slightly spring loaded which give a slam effect when you shut, which is very nice. The angle of opening is an issue as with all Maisto models which lets a minimal access to the interiors. The door inserts are done in black plastic with some alloy addition which gives it a purposeful look.

The instrument cluster of any classic muscle car will be filled with dials and knobs but the new more modern cars get compact dials and minimal equipment, that’s exactly what this guy holds. Shiny alloy usage in the steering, instrument console and air con vent adds a touch of muscular feel to the interiors of this model car.

Plasticky black seats gets some texture to take off the boring feel and the seat belts comes as a surprise. The dimensions of the seat belts are questionable as they don’t match the interior’s dimension but some Mustangs comes with oversized seat belts also.

Pop the hood and you will be surprised by an all black engine, which is quite a looker though some details are missing. Maisto’s models now a days are getting better and better specially in the paint finish and engine detailing departments. You may feel the engine to be boring but blame it on my photography because in real it is a stunner (among all Maistos).

All the good scores so far tend to come down as you inch your way to the back of the car. The truck is worst comparing the entire model lineup, why? It is all sucked, with some pain and careful processing it opens but only a little (as seen in the picture) and looks horrible in that position but not so horrible as in the closed state.

The bias switches from reasonably good looking model to worst as you reach the rear. The diecasters (Maistos) who crafted this model should have hated the rear end of this particular car to the very limit! The rear end has almost all the flaws like the extra large gaps between the trunk lid and the panels, misaligned GT badge (“GT” looks like it is styled to look like italics), tail lamps have very prominent fixing points spoiling the gorgeous console and even the spoiler has a shabby finish to make things even worst.

This guy tried very hard to get an average score but in vein ends up much below that due to the carelessness and lack of passion while crafting it. The only reason why I got this guy is one I like Mustangs, two I like anything red.

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    1. It is indeed a 1:18 diecast scale model made by Maisto. The detailing is nice and lives up to its standards.

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