Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird – AutoMax

Japanese motorcycle brand Honda developed CBR1100XX to bag the world’s fastest bike title. In 1996 when the bike was released it did that by taking on its only rival Kawasaki ZX-11 by reaching a top speed of 285kmph. It is also known as a “Blackbird” or “Super Blackbird” named after the Lockheed SR-71, a fast reconnaissance aircraft which can fly at over three times the speed of sound (Mach3). Its indeed a heavy bike at over 225kg but its 1,137cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine is efficient enough to propel it flawlessly to great speeds. Production of the Blackbird began in 1996 and halted in late 2007 giving way for new lighter bikes.

This beautiful bike model is made by AutoMax, imported from Japan as this particular model is not available in Indian market. I was skeptic about the quality as I have never heard of this brand, but when the model reached me I was surprised. The paint finish of this model is far more superior that some AA models, the aluminum and alloy parts are also very nicely done and precise to a very level of a budget model as they don’t look anywhere near plastic but real metal.

Let’s look at front side! First the Head lamps, clear lens effect is achieved very nicely and details like the bulbs inside and park lights worth mentioning. The windshield in clear glass is so clear which almost gives a glass like feel and turn indicators integrated onto the rearview mirrors are not that great which is just painted bit in orange. The dual disc pads and the caliper are very detailed so as the alloy wheels and tires. Inclusion of an air filling nozzle says how much concentration has gone into the study of real bike before developing this small guy. The most disappointing piece of this model is its dials and gauges which is just a sticker (even that is improperly sticked in mine) with no plastic recession to give some detailing there.

Does the profile say something? Not much here but some very neat body work and awesome painting as it is a fully covered sports bike. The middle stand is included as is in the real bike but it falls too short to hold the bike, so its just a aesthetic piece. I feel the fuel tank is kind of small when inspected from the top, but that doesn’t spoil the package in anyways.

And the rear end to wrap it up… The fat tire and the twin exhaust take the max eyes and then comes a lot to speak about. The tire tread pattern is nice and deep and alloy compliments it in every way to enhance the looks, the chrome plating on the exhaust is top class and pipe end has some drilled like recession giving it more definition. The fully functional rear swing arm is brilliant and looks more like alloy than plastic so as the disc brakes. Even the smallest bits like the rear grabrail are nicely detailed.

Priced like a budget model and finished like a premium model, this bike here is to turn heads in its direction for sure.

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