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The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is a sport bike introduced by Kawasaki to succeed the aging ZX-9R. It was originally released in 2004, a revised version in 2008 and in 2011. By 2010 it received slight changes from the 2009 model including Kawasaki initially had plans to launch an entirely new ZX-10R for 2010 upgraded Öhlins steering damper, transmission upgrade and revised bodywork with some snazzy graphics in its trade mark green. It continues to have an ultra-narrow chassis, low weight and radial brakes. Although Kawasaki initially had plans to launch an entirely new Ninja ZX-10R for 2010, their final decision was to stick to what they already had and slightly improve their open class sportbike in an almost unnoticeable manner. Its available in Lime Green/Pearl Stardust White comes with this snazzy graphics, which shouts attention… for those blend with the crowd type may like the Metallic Spark Black, which comes with plain body style.

  • This is my second Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R… My other ZX10R is a 2004 Ninja in orange made by Maisto. I like this bike for its color and the aggressive graphics that it holds. This model gets some more extra points because I own a Green Ninja ZX250R in 1:1 so please bare with me, if I am biased. I should say Maisto has done a decent job with this Ninja, it looks really cool both outdoor and indoor… Thanks to its bright Kawasaki Green body work and those snazzy graphics.

This particular Ninja is not the latest entry into by Mini Garage, it kind of came in somewhere around mid 2012… This is in fact a surprise entry as I was never ment to be in this store! But somehow I made it and this pretty boy tag along with me home. Two thing that immediately are its beautiful body graphics (which reminded me the Ninja 250R special edition) and the paint shade. I like the way Maisto packages its new 1:12 model, which are easy to get off and easy to put it back for storage.

Maisto is doing a hell a lot good bikes now a days… especially in 1:18! But 1:12 bike speak for itself I have around 50 bike and Maisto speak for it self… The details on this bike is on par with the other bike released by them.. But here on this bike they have reached a point of balance where we collectors can say wow without emptying our pockets! The details like the graphics, which are tastefully done…even the number of boxes are same as is in the real bike. The cycle part details like the brake caliper, forks, suspension swing arm etc. are also good.

  • The biggest miss-out was its exhaust end pipe that not supposed to be in this polished aluminum shade but should have been blacked out all around! This guy do have other flaws like every other scale model but they all will be over shadowed by one fact that its a budget model. As I mentioned earlier I could have been baised but there is no denial of the fact that this is one sexy Ninja to slay you down!
  • This 1:12 scale Ninja ZX10R gets 8/10 mostly for execution and value that it brings to the table.

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