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The Murciélago was introduced as a coupé in 2001 year, succeeding the famed Diablo supercar in Lamborghini’s lineup. In March 2006, Lamborghini presented a new version of its halo car at the Geneva Motor Show; the Murciélago LP640 where LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore and 640ps of power it delivered. The same year in Los Angeles Auto Show, Lamborghini announced that the Murciélago roadster had also been updated to LP640 trim. The engine is rated at 640 PS (471 kW; 631 hp) at 8000 rpm allowing the car to reach 100kmph in 3.4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 330kmph.

Maisto has made a very good effort in making this sexy Lamborghini! This very same model is also available in yellow but this metallic purple is a showstopper. The interior finished in beige enhances the model’s visual appeal very much. Alloys are smartly done and the aluminum grills in the front and rear just makes this model exotic piece of art. But this model does have some drawbacks! Lets find out.

The body is exceptional so as the paint job. The aluminum finished grills just steals the show, when parked next to my orange Mucielago LP640 this grabs all the eye with ease. It seems the guys who put it together had conflicts with the diecasters so they ended up putting plastic part in awkward angles. The head lamps and the tail lamp assembly are the great example. The door mirrors and window glass also have some issue in terms of gaps and alignment but it is visible only in ¾ angles.

The interior and upholstery in beige plays a double game for this Lambo. Being a roadster most of interior details are visible without much and the beige just shows up every cut and curve like a magnification glass, which ultimately leads to poor scores. On the other hand the plasticky interior in beige look very good under spots and from a distance. The seat’s contour is nicely replicated and the chrome gear stick stands out. The dials are nice but the aircon vents are the worst in any Maisto models so far.

Lamborghinis look apart from the crowd of supercars because of it unique scissor doors. Thought the model has gaps as the major, keep this model in a ¾ angle with the door fully like above, nobody can compliant about it. That’s the magic of it door design.

This is a fully loaded model with popable rear engine hood, which opens in reverse angle as the Murcielago. The door open angle is limited but come on this costs only Rs.1350 and you cannot expect everything from it. The front air box doubles up as a storage bin but this model came with no cases just like its elder brother from Maisto. With the front hoot opened, the headlamps misalignment becomes more obvious.

The carbon fiber engine bay is neat and the caging for the engine hides most of its glory. Maisto gets a bravo for taking the pain of doing the engine to these details so that it doesn’t look like this department is left lightly. The Lamborghini engrave in the case and the VTR 6.2L shows kind of deduction put in this models development.

Maybe I am not lucky so I might have ended up with a defective piece but I am not going to drive it around so this is not a big deal. I can display him with his doors opened so that his defects are camouflaged.

As I have spoted more issues than any other cars in my garage, I still don’t hate this model! This model gets more care like constant creasing and wipes here and there to maintain his original finish. This time I am giving two scores one from the heart which is 4/5 and the other from the brain which gives this model only 3/5…

4 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster – Maisto

  1. Hey ,, Asaran23….
    I think you wrote a few mistakes on the model.. I think it’s just a Murciélago Roadster (without lp650) it’s a 2004 model I think.. Well I was trying to have one of this in yellow color…

    1. Yes you are right about the model, it is indeed a Murciélago Roadster.
      Thanks alot.. Will update as soon as possible.

  2. BTW, when you got the AUTOart version of this ride, You’ll see that it’s almost Identical to each other but if your ride is like,, few issues and it will view that it’s a maisto… I mean it won’t look like an AUTOart.

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