Maisto to make Mercedes AMG GT in 1:18 scale

Brand Maisto caters to alot of start up collectors and also as a best man’s gift! I loved their AMG SLS in 1:18 scale for its features, details and add in kicks like the popup spoiler! Though I have a Minichamps Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in 1:18 and always envied Maisto for that spoiler! Recently Maisto made a silent news by adding the new Mercedes AMG GT (the SLS successor) to their 2015 models range. This is a big news for collectors who want to add another AMG into their collection without breaking the bank!

  • Maisto 1:18 AMG GT - Yellow
  • Maisto 1:18 AMG GT - Yellow
  • The pics that you see here are not Maisto but Norev who reacted to the launch first and released this into the market you can buy this model from your local Mercedes Benz dealership or here, which costs around €79,90/- or wait some more time see what Maisto does in response! We expect Maisto to release Solarbeam and Silver first.

What we heard Maisto is that this Mercedes AMG GT model will be available before 2nd or 3rd quater 2015 and the pricing is on par with other model in the same bracket! We expect the model to host same level of details like the AMG SLS gull wing or Maisto might trough in a little more kicks! Though the release date is not confirmed few online seller started accepting pre-orders and if you want to order(pre-order) here is link for Solarbeam or Silver here, they are priced a bit highish at $45.95 and 34.95 respectively!


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