Mercedes Benz CL-Klasse – AUTOart

Exterior : This is a well made car, not high end but still well done. The paint job is fantastic and shade is almost near to the real car. The head lamp is very detailed with some special attention to the projected reflectors. The front grill would have been better but nothing to compliant about except for the gap between the bonnet and grill(only in my model) The car looks long from the profile stance and the swooping body line is very well finished. The multi spoke alloy with the merc logo in the center is cool and unmarked tires look good. The rear end is a classy and the twin exhaust is a nice touch.

Features: This being a premium model from Autoart has a operational sunroof and all the general features like opening door, engine hood, trunk and fully functional steering system. The door operates on a small hinge and the sunroof can be adjusted from the inside by sliding it though the glass roof stays shut.

Interior : Lots of detail, especially the interior with a black carpet(including the trunk), multi functional streeing wheel, clear dials, chromed dashboard controls, wood trimed doors and the center console are few interesting bits. The seats are made of plastic are not so realistic but the seat belts are made of rubber with a chrome buckle which ads a classy touch to the interior. The back seats also has a same type seat belts and a nice head rest but the a/c vent if not done with chrome but silver painted plastic. The internal rear view attached on a pale gray mount and the sun visor can be shut of opened but no vanity mirrors on either of them. The one down side is the gray top treatment(including the sun visor) which is not going with the rest of the cars interiors…

Engine : Not much to tell about the engine…the engines of these modern cars tend to be hidden under a big plastic cover. But I would say more attention in this area would be appreciated.

Conclusion : Overall, if you look at the price vs quality rate, this car scores very’s not the most beautiful coupe ever made by Autoart, at INR. 4990/- this is a steal…

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