OTTO to Unleash 1:18 scale Jeep Cherokee in Renault Assistance Livery this August

OTTO Mobile Ltd a resin scale model maker known for cool classic car and European beauties. Their line up has very detailed and iconic cars that other manufacturer have skipped. They announced few days back their newest super star and I was blown… Yeah its none other than Jeep Cherokee and that too in Renault Assistance Livery. This news is especially a great news for me as I missed the plain body Cherokee, released earlier by OTTO!

Otto 1:18 Jeep Cherokee Renault Assistance

This Jeep Cherokee is a three door version with Renault Assistance decals all around! This 1:18 scale Cherokee uses the same mould as red plain body version released earlier by Otto mobiles but the decal make it look special and unique in your display. This Jeep Cherokee gets utilitarian steel wheels and chunky tires with white highlights. The flashers on top is details as well, adds a bit height and character to this Jeep!

Otto 1:18 Jeep Cherokee Renault Assistance

The yellow and white decal on this Jeep makes it a beauty in my books. As per the sample photos released by OTTO in their Facebook page the decal details are very sharp and they stand up to its competitions quite well. At 69.90€ this Jeep is a value for money proposition and I would love to have one in my display. Otto will start accepting pre-orders starting July and this Cherokee will hits hobby stores by August. Will keep our eyes on this and update you. Till next time… Ciao.


Pre-order for this 1:18 Jeep Cherokee "Renault Assistance" starts July and deliveries by August.

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