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The Porsche Carrera GT is a mid-engine sports car that can go from standstill to 60mph (97kph) in just over three seconds and capable of reaching top speed of 205mph (330kph). It was unveiled at the 2003 Geneva Auto Show as the first limited-production supercar Porsche had introduced since the 959 in 1983.The development of the Carrera GT can be traced back to its predecessors, the 911 GT1 and LMP1-98 racing cars. Car enthusiasts compare the Carrera GT with the Enzo Ferrari, both of which are made of light but strong carbon fiber. Although the Ferrari is lighter and has more horsepower, critics say the Carrera has more agile cornering. The 5.7litre V10, 605-horsepower motor powers the Porsche Carrera GT and the power is feed to the rear wheels via 6-speed manual transmission. Originally a production run of 1500 cars was planned but only 1270 GT’s had been manufactured before production called off in mid 2006.

This 1:18 diecast scale model is made by Maisto under “Premiere Edition” means extraordinary quality and budget price, lets checkout. I picked it up from Landmark (Forum Mall), Bangalore; as the box is sealed and I am not allowed to open it I am forced to inspect the model from the outside, this box has a four side windows and made my inspection bit easier. Out of the box this model is nice and felt like a jewel in my hand, the paint finish is awesome and shiny. There are some gaps but that is there in most of the Maisto models, but if you have an eagle eye and the vendor allows you to open the box (which most Indian vendors don’t) then you can sort it out very easily.

The head lamps are nicely done and the projector effect is done to the very precision possible at the budget model. The license plate and the air dam grills are also a work of art. The left rear view mirror is slightly misaligned also the inner reflector is small and doors sometimes don’t close fully leaving a bigger gap between the body and the doors. I also noticed that alloy wheels with sports locking nuts color coded in red on the left hand side of the car, and blue on the right is one of the many attentions to details showoff.

The low slug design is translated to this scale with precision and the 19” front and 20” rear wheels in the original car is also scale down perfectly. The alloy wheels design lets the eyes straight to the brake disc and those huge yellow calipers, which again is gorgeous. The longish design is very well scaled which can be seen in the stance view and also ¾ angles. I am a little upset about the fender mounted turn signals which looks like a decals than an indicators.

The rear end is the most distinct and the most beautiful piece of this model because it’s a rear engine car. The engine cover is a piece of art and the same is replicated in this model as well. The left tail lamp cover keeps falling down as it is not fixed properly. The rear spoiler is fixed though some premium model like Minichamps gets popable rear spoilers.

The all plastic interior is kind of tacky but details are much better that other Maistos in market. The center instrument is cool and the dual shades works really well. One disproportioned bit here is the gear stick which is HUGE even the same size as the mount. Steering wheel and paddles are nice nothing great. The seats and upholstery is done in black with minor chrome inserts taking the cars interiors to a notch above.

The doors, rear hood and the luggage compartment door opens, the steering and the suspensions are fully functional. The front luggage compartment’s texture treatment is nice and exceptional indeed. The newer minimal door hinge design used in this Porsche make this look good but limits the opening angle.

The engine depart in this car scores 5/5 because of the detailed engine with multiple material usage (like original springs) and the deep and sharp Porsche engrave in the case. The engine door is fantastic no matter shut or opened. The honey cone texture on the glass cover is a result of exceptional observations and dedication.

Overall the best Maisto I set my hands on… Bravo Maisto Bravo….

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    1. Thanks Debashis, this is my personal collection and not for sale! How do you know about my SLS? Which yet to reach…

    1. Thanks alot Jigsaw, I am passionate about diecast collection and photography so this site is a dedication to them both. By the way your website is cool.

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