1:18 Scale Nissan GT-R 50 by Italdesign Coming Soon From GT Spirit

I love Nissan GT-R lineup and R35 is my favourite of them all. JDM diecast car collectors collection is incomplete without one of these Godzilla! Nissan GT-R 50 by Italdesign is one of the prototype GT-R and looks totally Intalian and worth every penny. GT Spirit(a resin scale model maker) recently unveiled the release dates for this beauty and we diecast collector cannot ask for more!

GT Spirit Nissan GTR-50 Italdesign - Front

Though the released pics of the samples looks cool and the interior details are just mind blowing for a sealed resin scale model car. Personally this Nissan GT-R 50 looks like an Italian car and that’s what makes this car special in any JDM scale model display. And this looks more like a modified R35 but in a good way.

GT Spirit Nissan GTR-50 Italdesign - Profile

This Nissan GT-R 50 looks like a brand new Italian car in most angles but the profile view cannot be mistaken for anything but a GT-R. This is Japanese beauty will be produced in one color and that is good enough for me. The rose gold accents on metallic grey body looks good even in the sample scale model.

GT Spirit Nissan GTR-50 Italdesign - Rear

GT Spirit made some great cars in the past and that winning streaks continues in 2021 too. As per social network posting by GT Sprit, this Nissan GT-R 50 will see toy stores by end of June 2021. Prices may be hovering around $125 and lot of online sellers are accepting pre-orders(like cldc.store) and because GT Spirits make them in limited numbers you should go ahead and do so for guarantee. Till next time… Ciao.

Source/Pics: www.motor1.com, www.facebook.com/GTSpiritmodels

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