Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB – Unboxed

Ferrari 488 GTB is one sexy Ferrari that you must have in your collection! I took this Ferrari 488 GTB (Race & Play series) few months as the other super sexy Ferrari 458 Special Signature din’t like up to it’s hipe! This 488 GTB was sleeping inside its box for so long and the time has come finally to unbox the monster… here is the full story. When it comes to 1:18 Ferrari’s we Indians are left with only one option i.e. to import after paying a heavthy import duties(upto 300%) and shipping, which ultimately makes a foundation series Hotwheels to hit a price point of an Elite or sometimes even Super Elite models. All of that changed when Bburago/Maisto got the Ferrari Franchisee and we felt blessed. And that’s when my Ferrari collection kick started… So this is my fourth Ferrari and my second Bburago Ferrari.

  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB Box

    This Ferrari 488 GTB comes in red and black package and looks almost identical to the Ferrari F50 that I unboxed last year, except for the badge that reads “488 GTB” on it’s front! I am kind of loving this Race & Play series boxes more that the Signature series boxes for its glossy finish and carbon fiber effect! Not to mention the in your face Red!!

  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Box
  • As mentioned the sides don’t get any print or badge that says “488 GTB”, which is to cut cost I guess!
  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Box

Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Box

  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Unboxing

    Unboxing is this Ferrari is a straight up procedure just like any other Bburago or a Maisto (more like a Maisto as the box and internal packaging material are in sync with it) just pull the internal skeleton that holds the model, unscrew two screws and cut those transparent lines holding the hood, boot and the doors.

    Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Package Stuff

  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Unboxed
  • The above shot showing the profile is the nicest of all so far as the model looks the best in profile view. Love the alloy wheels that are not just sharp but also looks upmarket for a foundation series 1:18 scale diecast model by Bburago. The transparent band like lead holding the boot and hood can be removed without cutting it, if you want that may be re purposed if you wanted to put it back.
  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Unboxed
  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB - Front 3/4
  • Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB

I was’t so happy with the “Ferrari F50” by Bburago… the gaps and scaling being the biggest contributor! But this model look ok for a first impression and I am confident that this will only grow on me… Because I spend a full one hour in comparing this to Signature series “Ferrari 458 Special” and this guy came on top! There is a very slim chances that I will start to miss that 458 as this is one model that kicking really good. Wait for my full review and verdict there off.

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