Kyosho Ousia 1:18 Range Rover Sport SVR – Unboxing & First Look

Land Rover is a legendary brand with a mind blowing line-up of high performance SUV, which can perform good both on and off road. Land Rover Defender maybe my natural favourite but I love this Range Rover Sport SVR more as it looks cooler. I actually wanted the Welly made Range Rover but that dint made it to our shore and importing rolled due to super high import duties. So my worthy alternative is this Kyosho Ousia 1:18 scale Range Rover Sport SVR with a sealed body.

The outer box is protected by a exoskeleton like wrapper in white. This wrapper kind of protects the main window box that has volatile scratch prone windows on all the sides. And in my case I got this Range Rover Sport SVR so many years back and this white took all the beatings and protected the main box.

Slide the main box out and you have a window box, that gives you 360degree view of this beautiful SUV even before you open the box. I actually don’t like window boxes as they get soiled quite easily and they don’t look premium. But its a good deal if you are boxed collector and like to admire them then and now.

I have so many Maisto, Bburago and Welly in my collection, and most of them comes in window boxes… But this Kyosho Ousia box is a league above them all and I would go to a level and say its even better than some AUTOart boxes even. The material and build quality are the main reason for this feel good factor.

The box is all black, finished in matt… the material feels soft and somehow prone to scratches but if you maintain it well then they will looks good for a very long time. The top gets a prominent Kyosho Ousia logo with text “Closed Bodyshell Diecast Model by Kyosho”. The bottom is reserved for all licensing details, legal requirements and pricing stamp.

This Kyosho’s box get 4 side windows and top is covered like AUTOart. The windows are clear for the most parts and they help up quite well… for like 5+ years (yeah I picked up this beauty back in 2017) And the windows are clean just after dusting, which shows kind of materials used!

Inside you have import container like frame like what you get in Maisto’s package but the quality is far better. I personally like this as it gives all around protection and chance of damage is minimised. The inner frame could also be used to display, which give that factory storage feel.

This 1:18 scale Kyosho Range Rover Sport SVR is fasten to the frame via 4 black screws, which you need to unscrewed using a philips screw driver. There is also a removable riser that can be even after you chuck the box.

The base is of very high quality and also get a name inscription and you can even display along with this base, if that’s the kind of look you are going for. Fortunately the base is not inclined, which opens up lot of customisation possibility, like a leather or velvet finish base.

I always wanted to do this shot above and in this case it look awesome gives that vibe of unboxing a real car that comes in an import container. Though this is a fantasy shot, I love to the core. This shot gives me the same nostalgia of taking delivery of the real Range Rover from a showroom.

This Range Rover Sport looks great out of the box, thanks to the great pain job and beautiful bodywork. The ride height and stance of this Range Rover Sport SVR are perfect but this is Kyosho so detail are expected to be top class. This being a SVR, this gets performance parts like the piano black grills and sleeker alloy wheels.

Kyosho Ousia - Range Rover Sport SVR - Front

The bodywork on this Kyosho Ousia Range Rover Sport SVR is top class and the finish is so smooth like in a high end scale model, so I would like to say, Kyosho dint cut corner on developing this Ousia series of sealed body cars and SUVs. The optics and other details are on par with other Kyosho.

Kyosho Ousia - Range Rover Sport SVR - Profile

Kyosho Ousia - Range Rover Sport SVR - Profile

This 1:18 scale Kyosho Ousia – Range Rover Sport SVR is a modern SUV so looks the best in profile and that’s the angle I like about this Range Rover. I usually like the 3/4 angle of SUVs as I like the boxy design of classic SUV, which I mostly collect but this is different.

Kyosho Ousia - Range Rover Sport SVR - Rear

The rear end of this Kyosho Ousia Range Rover Sport SVR is one of the sleekest and simple with some fancy optics. The regular Range Rover Sport gets two chrome tipped exhaust and this SVR version gets four for that beautiful music. The badges that says SVR are the only differentiating piece.

This 1:18 Kyosho Ousia Range Rover Sport SVR is not my first sealed Kyosho… actually its my second! My first Kyosho Ousia is a Lamborghini Veneno in red and this Range Rover is here because of this Lamborghini. Though these two are from worlds apart, they both have the same DNA and that why I got them both from the same toy shop.

Range Rover Sport is one of my favourite SUV be it a real one or a scale model, that’s why I have two and I love them both the same way. Me being a old school SUV lover I give some extra brownie points to the Welly Range Rover Sport that doesn’t mean the Kyosho is a slouch.

Kyosho Ousia - Range Rover Sport SVR - Weight

This Kyosho Ousia Range Rover Sport SVR is a sealed car but not made of a resin. This being a diecast scale model this big boy feels solid in hand so I put it in my trusty old weighing scale… Yeah he tips the scale at 1023gms and that’s not so impressive but I wasn’t disappointed either in the weight department.

I am quite lazy now a days that’s why this beautiful Range Rover Sport is being unboxed some 5 years later… But things are changing and you all would see new format content soon, that may start with the review of this Kyosho. So you could expect some cool content involving this capable Range Rover Sport SVR. Till then… Ciao.

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