Four Tomica Mini Diecast Models – Unboxed

Last week I was in Toys R Us shopping and was walking towards the cash counter with few 1:12 bikes and a 1:43 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee in hand, then suddenly a sight of these miniature box came into focus. Yes the box reads “Tomica” and whole a lot of text in Japanese, which I don’t understand but the name of the cars and the scale is mentioned in English, so I know I should have some in my collection! I have this brand in some unboxing videos in you and the review are cool, so I started picking up like crazy!

Tomica - Toys R Us

The collection is not that extensive but there are some nice model! I must admit that I was attracted by the graphics in the box, so the crazy spree… when I came down to my senses I had around 10 Tomica boxes in my hand, which I felt a little too much for brand I have no prior experience with and also at 250INR a piece its more than twice as costly as a traditional 1:64 models! So I did a review and made the 10 to 4 of which the Lamborghini Veneno was my favorite!

Tomica - Unboxing

Tomica Lamborghini Veneno

Being a first time purchase, and the fact that the graphics in the box are so nice to be true… I opened with my mind open anything! The first one to come out is actually the Lamborghini Veneno right outside the store in the Mall lobby and the reactions was mixed because the model is nice but nothing closer to what the box promises! But I wanted to do a proper unboxing in my studio for you all so kept the rest for later.

Tomica Mazda - Roadster

Tomica Mazda - Roadster

Tomica Mazda - Roadster

I have never been this excited for a miniature model in recent times, this is primarily due to that effect of the first model Lambo! I have tell one thing even before unboxing… the box and package is top class! This is the resin for me picking so many models at one time, without knowing anything about the quality! Back in my studio desk the first one to come out is this brilliant Mazda MX-5 Miata, which changed my perception that the Veneno created! The model looks and feels so good, which was further enhanced by the weight of this mini beauty.

Tomica Honda Jazz

Tomica Suzuki Alto

Tomica Hatchbacks

Then came this Honda Jazz and a Suzuki Alto, which are good in its own but not that cool as the Mazda! These two hatchback have a working hatch and they open up really high, which in my perspective may attract kids! The Jazz is kind of disappoint of this lot because I was expecting a Jazz as show in the box! And Honda Jazz being my favorite real life car I had high hopes!

Tomica Cars

Overall this is a okish add and not that upsetting thanks to the Mazda MX-5! I was relatively happy with the Jazz as well! Why? Because I always wanted a Jazz in my collection and this purchase gave me that accomplished feel! Though this is not a review I wanted to give you my verdict… These are good addition if you wanted any of these car but if you are price conscious and expect a bang for your bucks then its better stay away! Till next time… Ciao.

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  1. Hello,
    I have been through your website and want to know if i can but these toy models in your shop. I am from Pakistan and want to know how can i get them. Do u ship?

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