Bburago to Unleashing its 1:18 Scale Ferrari Monza SP1 in Signature Series

Bburago since it acquired Ferrari licence is giving us surprises with every catalogue release! This year 2021’s Ferrari catalogue is out and the surprise waiting for us in page 6 is a 1:18 Scale Ferrari Monza SP1 in red, that too under Signature series, which is a great news. Ferrari Monza SP1 is a great car and having one in 1:18 scale is a must if you are into Ferrari diecast car collection. The Race & Play Ferrari Monza SP1 is good in sliver shade but Ferrari need to be in red!

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Front

Though the catalogue show a red version, the side note says “Style and colors are subject to change” so we may or may not come in red! We collectors love it in red and it is one of the famous colors, these factors may affect Bburago’s color choice(fingers crossed for red) The other color that you love to see is a black with red highlights.

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Profile

This being a signature series diecast, will come with far more details than the “Race & Play” version released earlier. This may include better optics, deeper cut for the alloys and tire tread pattern(if at all any for low profile high performance) There might also be a different graphics on the bonnet, the one on the catalog is like a tricolour stripe on its bonnet.

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Rear

I like the silver version with yellow graphics but Ferrari in red is always the best. So I am really excited for this signature series Ferrari Monza SP1 and can’t wait to get my hands on it… As of now the there is not much information to share but knowing Bburago, we will have launch dates and sample photos soon. We will keep our eye glued to all the update about this Italian beauty. Till next time…Ciao.


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