GT Spirit to Unleash 1:18 scale 412kph Electric Rimac Nevera This Year

The Rimac Nevera is an all-electric sport car unleash by Croatian automotive manufacturer to take on performance car market by storm at over 412kph. To be produced in limited numbers (only 150 vehicles) this could bring smile to selected performance car enthusiast. If you are a 1:18 scale model collector you can added this to you collection for a fraction of the price and have fun. Yeah GT Spirt has announced Rimac Nevera in 1:18 scale and to be released by the end of the year, we scale model collectors are excited for it.

Rimac Nevera - Front

GT Spirit as usual had showed off their upcoming scale model in their FB page ( and this Rimac Nevera got our attention! They showed a orange version but we think we will get some more cooler shades too, I personally like this blue that broke the 412kph record for production electric car.

Rimac Nevera - Profile

This Rimac Nevera gets so much details on the outside, which gets this to go that insane speed… All these details will sure make it to the scale model by GT Spirit and we will have a great looking car in our display. Though this is a sealed model, we will get a peep of the interiors so some work on the interior will be there too.

Rimac Nevera - Rear

We are in very early stage of development of this Rimac Nevera but thanks to GT Spirits, we know few key details about this model… First it will be released this year around November (pre-order from any of GT Spirit’s resellers listed here and should reach you before Christmas. Secondly it will be produced in 1:18 scale, which excited us the most. There is no details on pricing yet, but that will show up as we inch towards the launch date. We will keep you updated on any news surfacing on it, so stay tuned! Till next time… Ciao.


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