McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Death Metal Batcycle – Unboxed

If you know McFarlane Toys, you might know them for their action figures ranging from video games to comics. But recently they got into vehicles and their range is evolving very fast. Last year McFarlane Toys released Bat-Raptor but it dint excite me much but this year’s DC Multiverse Death Metal Batcycle struck the right tone in me and I ended up getting as soon as it was available in our local market. I picked this Batcycle from for ₹4,099/- and got free delivery.

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Box

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Box

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Box

Thanks to FatCatCollectibles, the package was super sturdy the original box came in very good condition… They edges are crisp and in mint condition. This window box shows the bike fully and very good if you even want to display them in box, but I wanted to set it free so I started unboxing it.

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Unboxing

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Card

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Card

This McFarlane Toys box is relatively basic but very sturdy, so the inner frame is shaped to fit perfectly inside the box. This also has a cool DC themed background in blue, which enhances the Death Metal Batcycle. This frame also hold a collectible card, which has all the details of this bike and its specification.

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Unboxed

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Unboxed

Once unboxed this McFarlane Death Metal Batcycle looks super cool! The bike and bone like texture is enhanced by direct light and I personally like the scaling. The box even when empty looks very cool with its blue background lining and black exterior looks sleek.

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Front

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Profile

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Rear

Though this is not a full review, I would like to put an emphasis on the texturing, detailing and scaling, which is next to none in any McFarlane products!. Eyes looks exciting in its yellowish shade and stares you down. McFarlane Toys did a fantastic job in bringing in small yet needed details like the tire pattern etc.

McFarlane Batcycle and Deathmetal Batman Figure

This Batcycle was released along with a Death Metal Batman action figure so I grabbed them both on a same go and they look super cool together. McFarlane Toy’s 7inch action figures roughly falls into 1:10 scale so I expected this bike to take the same scale.

McFarlane Death Metal  Batcycle - Size Comparison

But after parked next to my Maisto Harley Davidson the scale seems a bit too sketchy! Maybe it could be the issue with Maisto too! Overall I had fun with this already and have used it on of my Halloween photoshoot I did for my action figure blog and worked well. Do wait for a full review, when I will let you know more pros and cons of this beauty/beast of bikes. Till then… Ciao.

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