Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 3

This figurine is also a part of the bad boys collection called “Organic Badboys Glare of eyes Vol.4”. The name well suites these figurines as the eyes are very well detailed and they definitely show fury. This figurine has many a nick names and the most popular is “Topless”. This boy is all about macho stans and workout freakish body language. He would definitely fit a street fighter kind of diorama so I gave him a very famous bad boy’s toy “Hummer H1”. They both blend together as one in almost all the photos.

You could argue that in the pics above and below the Hummer takes the center stage but its not my mistake because the nobody can take any score when next to a Hummer, even if that’s Tom Cruise! The only reason put this guy next to the Hummer is that he shows enough grudge as that produced by this freakish Hummer H1.

The producer should be given a lot of credit for this beautiful figurine who scores high grades both in photo sessions as well as in display case. The only issue I see in this figurine is the right hand biceps which is a kind of a little sharp cut makes it a little odd. All these bad boys figurines comes with a circular disc like stand but I hate them so I don’t use them, here for some reason this guy did not want to stand in my photo booth so I am forced to use the stand.

I liked this guy from head to toe but the hair never seem to fancy me maybe because the hair kind of takes the seriousness away. As you can see I have used different lighting angles to illuminate his muscle structure but all I can say is that one has to see it to believe the kind of details these guy exhibits. Overall this figurine is also a must have for anyone who likes to jazz their display case or his diorama.

7 thoughts on “Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 3

  1. Did you get any more sets of these guys? I am hooked to them!
    I got the Bad boys of Glare and the Crossroads Volume 2 sets!
    Looking to add more, but ebay is dry!

    Is there any other place to procure the Organic/ Next label sets?

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