Meet My Black List Crossroad Collection Figurine – ICHII

ICHII is a second figurine to be reviewed in the Black List Crossroad Collection by Organic and the first being the Kouzou Suzumoto. As it is a part of Black List Crossroad Collection Vol. 2, QP Route B this particular figurine come in beige jacket and all black shirt and trousers. Unlike the Kouzou Suzumoto figurine I kind of like the QP Route A package for this ICHII figurine as he sports the same jacket but his dotted shirts and orangish gold trousers looks a little sexy.

This ICHII figurine has a lot of attitude thrown in… Firstly the cool no fear kind of standing posture with one hand into his jacket pocket and the other slightly closed. His attire also plays a very important role in enforcing a cool yet fearless looks, of which the long jacket plays a critical role texture is nice both to look at as well as to touch. In this ICHII figurine the jacket is used as the most important part it is given all the possible details like the texture detailing, cuts and collar thickness and finally the way it flows.

The black silky shirt and deep brown trousers just serves the purpose well in enhancing the jacket by adding some contrast to it. Apart from those aspects the shirt and trousers dont do much!! The shoes on the other is neat and the brown sole adds that extra woom!! This figurine stands upright so I have some flexibility to work around without bothering too much about the poses and angles that I can do from behind camera!

  • The biggest let down of this figurine is its facial detail like the huge scare on left side of the face and the oversized goggle that lack detail and also precision, very same detail in the Kouzou Suzumoto figurine made it a winner. The jewellery details also scores a little low but acceptable to an extend.

ICHII as a figurine scores quit a good score in most places!! As this is a fully robed figurine we expect some extra detailing from its manufacturer(Organic) I agree to the point that the jacket that he is wearing is done with lot of care but a single feature cannot over shadow alot of misout! So taking all these factors into consideration I give a final rating of 3.5, which in my opinion makes it a respectable value for money figurine.


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