Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 8

This particular bad boy is called Johnny, he is a part of “Dream King R” Manga Series by Organic. This being trading figure series are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 12 before shipment! This lineup features Johnny, Taka, J, Ozakick and Hachi, plus one secret, for a total of seven possible types to trade and collect. Because It is a trading figure I have one more which came in an other box.

This is one of the coolest miniature bad boy in this box! He has hip hair style, fancy outfits, tacky jewelry and even a funky foot wear. What makes this figurine a best companion for some urban wheels is his posture… This very posture works out to be a nightmare if you are keeping him in any backward inclined surface, but on flat surface he is rock solid!

These figurines are made of PVC and cleaning them is not a big deal! So the out door activities has now became a new found past time for them and also for me… Here are some pics to show how much they had…

As mentioned earlier I have a clone of this guy so if you are interested in trading feel free to comment… Peace.

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