Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 4

Welcome to the forth post of my Meet My Badboys series… As always I have some real good review filled with awesome photos. The collecter’s are getting hungrier and the maker are trying their best to feed the collectors with some good shit also keeping the competition intact. Like what we have seen in the diecast business the figurine makers are also trowing in some fine details and extra goodies to win the buyers heart. This Bad Boy here came with a beer can and a over coat which are both swappable to give him a new look ranging from a urban hotshot to a street fighter.

I know a picture speaks a 1000 words but a video speaks more than that I guess so here is my 360 video, which shows you some more angles that I missed on photo shoot. I hope you enjoy it…

This figurine looks good with any SUV especially the hardcore offroaders like this Humvee… The proportion looks reasonably good though he look a little big. But that’s not the figurine’s blame, as we all know that Maistos have some issue with the scaling and that too on hummers/humvees, its so evident here.

If one is good! Two is better, much better!! That’s exactly what I did when I felt that this post lacks punch… The Bad boy from the older post blasted into the studio and started a rage for the beer can. They both look awesome together and the body mass gives them enough grunt to stand comfortably next to the legendary Humvee…

I enjoyed photographing, filming and owning this brilliant figurine… Enjoy my trade mark outdoor pics too… Bye.

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