Diecast Car Collection of the Year 2022

It’s New Year and time to make a resolution or two… But I am not in a mood to take any resolution as I know I will break it in a day! So instead I am writing this recap of the year (2022) passed by… The year 2022 has been a little kind little hard on me so I have to call it a decent year in terms of my diecast model collection hobby… I picked some nine 1:18 cars and fewer model motorcycles (Diecast Motorbike Collection Here) in 1:12 and 1:10 scale.

McLaren F1 GTR - Solido

Lets start this post with a bang… I been in love with McLaren F1 ever since I first saw this in an Autoshow when I was a teenager! And since I started 1:18 car collection I been in lookout for this… but AUTOart was out of my budget and Minichamps dint make it to our store and importing was no long feasible. So when I saw a McLaren F1 in Solido website I was waiting for it to come to India. Finally they made it to some of Indian toy store and I picked it from scaleartsin.com without second thought. It is a “McLaren F1 GTR” in orange, which makes this package even juicer…

RWB Pandora One - Solido

This is the year I added Solido scale models to my car collection and I added not one but two! The first is a McLaren F1 GTR, which is a hearts choice and this “RWB Pandora One” is a definitely a informed decision. I been tracking this RWB since it was announced (our news coverage here) and when it made it to our shore via the same vendor (scaleartsin.com) I had just one question… The green (RWB Pandora One) or the orange (RWB Hibiki) and that was a very difficult choice! Finally I gave a green signal to the Pandora One and he is here… Though I got a defect model but I am ok as he is growing on me like fast!

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 - Maisto

Now coming back to my favourite brand Maisto… Yeah Maisto had come a long way! This is not a premium diecast model but decent brand, which looks good on your display and your photos without burning a hole in your bank balance. I picked four Maisto and the “Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4” in white is one that I loved (since we broke news cover) for its heritage and sleek styling. This design is not revolution so no points for creativity (Lamborghini you can do better) but it brings in the old Countach styling without sacrificing certain must have features of a modern cars.

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 - Maisto

Fortunately we got some brand new scale models from Maisto’s 2022 line-up and one of them is this “2022 Porsche 911 GT3” and it is love at first sight (since we broke this announcement news coverage here) though this available in multiple colours, I wanted this blue and was lucky I got one. This is a very detailed Maisto diecast scale model unless you take a magnification glass to it. I am so happy for getting this in first wave as it is hot favourite of many collectors in this color!

2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak - Maisto

I love big brute off-roaders, and 2021 Ford Bronco just snatched Wrangler’s top spot last year. Maisto when they announced this “2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak” I went bananas for it and started sniffing web for this one come up. They finally came in to our toy stores this year and first picked the red wildtrak version as I saw more urban stance. I later picked an Badlands version too and unboxed them together.

2021 Ford Bronco Badlands - Maisto

As mentioned I picked two 2021 Ford Bronco by Maisto as the Badlands and Wildtrak are totally different beast in road or in display case. I wanted this “2021 Ford Bronco Badlands” as I liked the yellow body work and sleek alloys. I may do a wheels swap, as I like the wildtrak’s wheels on the badlands body as that combination is killer. Also the 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands with yellow bodywork and all black steel wheels will sure stand out in serious off-roading scene, which I am planning soon.

BMW X6 M - Bburago

The SUV mania continues… I move my focus to the Bburago diecast scale models, the sleeker “BMW X6 M” came in later this year from a unusual place far from my place. The package is pretty beaten but the product was in good condition so I picked it! I was waiting for a decent X6 in white as I already have a BMW X5 (E70) by Kyosho and a Dealer Edition BMW X1 in white… but I couldn’t find a white so finally I settled for this maroon, which is a looker nevertheless.

Lamborghini Urus - Bburago

“Lamborghini Urus” from Bburago was 2022’s icebreaker! Yeah I picked this from a toy shop in Dubai Mall on my vacation in UAE, I been looking for this guy for some time and was super happy picking from a store, which excited me to the core. I was actually my wifey’s gift making it far more special. Though Indian market had few grey floating around Amazon and other online store but I wanted this yellow, which made me wait longer than others but in the end I was happy.

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Bburago

Ferrari Monza SP1 is a sleek exotic sports car and I wanted it in 1:18 scale since unveiled! Since the silver version came out few years back I wanted it but then came this signature series (news coverage here) in red I decided to take that plunge. I first saw one in Dubai earlier last year but couldn’t bag it due to luggage capacity… But this Ferrari followed me to India and my wifey found it gifted it to me for Valentines Day… Wow that was great, making the already great car even better. Overall I had a decent run last year with lot of wishlist cars/suvs crossed off, which is awesome for me. Though the passed year has been good, looking forward to seeing better days ahead…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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